The present study investigated the relationship between paranoia and job satisfaction. Paranoia is defined as suspiciousness and the feeling of being threatened even if there is no proof of real threat. Paranoia is a concept that is often ignored in researches in Pakistan and rarely explored in context of any concept related to occupational life. After a detailed literature review, it was hypothesized that paranoia would be negatively correlated to job satisfaction. The sample of the present research consisted of 154 professionals (77 male, 77 female) from different work settings. Paranoia was measured with the Feingstein Paranoia Scale Urdu version (FPSU) and job satisfaction was measured by the Generic Job Satisfaction Scale (GJSS). Statistical analysis though Pearson Product Moment Correlation indicates that there is a strong negative correlation between paranoia and job satisfaction. Recommendations for employers and policy makers, avenues of future researches are discussed.

Farhan Kamrani, Nabila Kamrani, Farrukh Kamrani. (2020) PARANOIA AND JOB SATISFACTION, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 59, Issue 1.
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