In today’s modern world, globalization has increased competition among the organizations. In order to meet competition every organization require high skilled work force. Organizations are becoming more dependent on skilled work force. Increase in competition has also been increasing the stress on employees that is causing hi gh turnover in organization. Increase in employee turnover and unavailability of skilled work force has an indispensable question on the future growth of organizations. Every organization has two ways to tackle this situation either to hire person for the vacant key position from outside or to promote employee within the organization. The Study aims to analyze the impact of succession planning on organizational growth and association of gender variation with growth of organization. A survey of 300 persons doing an official task under the management, were interviewed through questionnaire based on five points Likert scale and developed through pilot study. Convenience sampling was used to draw the sample including 150 males and 150 females. Logistic regression was used to calculate impact of succession planning on organizational growth. Result of the study reveals effective succession plan can help the organization to meet desire objectives. It has significant positive impact of 2.5 times on growth of organization by increasing number employees through accurate hiring and by retaining key personnel on key position. Study also concludes, gender variation has no association with growth of organization.

Ammad Zafar, Ghazal Khawaja Hummayun Akhtar. (2020) EFFECT OF SUCCESSION PLANNING ON ORGANIZATIONAL GROWTH, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 59, Issue 1.
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