PRINCIPLES OF INTERFAITH DIALOGUE (In the Context of TAFSEER-MASOOR Literature of the Subcontinent)

Dialogue is a type of discussion which involves the speaker and the listener. In such a discussion, realities and truth are directly and clearly revealed. In this article, the importance of the dialogue among religions has been highlighted. This article attempts to solve the issue of the dialogue among religions by bringing in the following ponts found in the sub-continental literature of Tafsir-e-Mathur; respect, respect for humanity and religious dignitaries; preservation of the places of worship; avoidance of comparision between religious leader; respect for sacred books, fulfillment of accords; justice and equality; mutual cooperation; religious tolerance; non-aggression, and so forth.

Muhammad Ansar Javed. (2020) برصغیر کے ماثور تفسیری ادب کے تناظر میں مکالمہ بین المذاہب کے اصول, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 11, Issue 2.
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