The Character Building Elements (A Review of Muslim Scholars Views)

Human being is an indispensable part of the world of existence and there is a deep connection between his/her character and human society. It is important for human beings to know their purpose of existence, the nature of their relationship with the universe, and the kind of behavior in this world. Islam has guided Humans well in this respect and Muslim thinkers have always discussed the constituent elements of human character building. Muslim scholars, like Imam Ghazali in the 5th century AH, Khawja Nasīr al-Din after him, and later Allama Muhammad Iqbal, have discussed internal and external dimensions of Human character in a synthetic way, have identified causes and elements of its internal and external reflections and the diseases and remedies associated with them.

Hina Sajjad. (2020) کردار سازی کے عناصر( مسلم مفکر ین کی آراء کاجائزہ), Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 11, issue 4.
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