Interaction between Cognition and Tendency in the Moral Upbringing of the Mankind

Hu is an independent creature, always struggling for perfection. But, he cannot achieve high goals without sovereignty. Sovereignty in itself is based upon three factors: cognition, tendency, and power. In this perspective, this article deals with the question as to whether it is only cognition that motivates human intention for action and perfection or his tendencies, inclinations and emotions also play a role to motivate him for all actions, including moral actions. Answer to this question indicates a starting point for moral upbringing of human kind. It determines whether we have to provoke only human cognition for his moral upbringing or we have to give direction to his tendencies and emotions also. This approach shows that it is necessary to direct both cognition and tendencies for the moral upbringing of human kind as both of them play an important role in human character building.

Muqaddar Abbas. (2021) انسان کی اخلاقی تربیّت میں معرفت اوررجحان کا تعامل , Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 12, Issue 04.
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