Unusual Assetions of Sufiya: A Review Study

When the saints of Allah attain progress in their ranks, some of them become silent over some revelations, and some do not bear the observation of these (spiritual) manifestations, which results in the utterance of unusual assertions. The words that come out from the tongue of the saints in such a state of spiritual annihilation and intoxication is called Shatah (sing. of shatahāt) in the language of Sufism. Some saints call this as the state of intoxication (sukr). At the time of the utterances of these words, Sufis generally do not observe the norms of Shari'ah which makes these utterances as non-Shari'ah claims. However, inwardly they point to a secret which is not understandable to everyone. It is this reason that the people of sharia issue verdicts against such claims. This article deals with these shatahāt in a critical way.

Dr.Abdul Wahab Jan Al-Azhari. (2021) صوفیاء کی شطحات: مطالعاتی جائزہ , Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 12, Issue 04.
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