The Wise Words and Proverbs of Imam Ali (as) and their Impact on Human Life

Hazrat Ali (as) prevailed the opportunity of seeking knowledge as revealed by the Holy Prophet since childhood. This showered upon him the innocence and purity in all phases of human life. If viewed internally and externally from the recognition of the Islamic life to the transformation of humanity in religion, politics, social activities, provision of justice, his life stands as a role model for the entire humanity. In fact, no portion of human life goes unattended in his wisdom and knowledge. That is why every one can seek guidelines from his comprehensive grip on human life. All aspects of human life have been illuminated by his unparalleled wisdom and depth in comprehension of all happenings. A notable collection of the sermons, wise words and proverbs of Imam Ali (as) is presented in Nahjul-al-Balaghah, compiled and edited by Syed Sharif Radi in 400 AH. This article is a selection of those sayings related with our daily lives. It shows that we can live a successful life if we follow these precious sayings of Imam Ali (as).

Zafar Hussain, Professor Dr. Muhammad Abu Zur Khalil, Syed Ammar Haider Zaidi. (2021) الحکم واﻷمثال ﻟﻺمام علي-علیہ السلام- وﺃثرها في الحیاۃ اﻹنسانية, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 12, Issue 04.
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