Till now we all know what COVID – 19 is, what are its symptoms and signs, who and how to investigate, different treatment myths and actual treatment regimes. This pandemic started to spread globally since March 2020 and the cases were increasing every day. It has severely affected almost all the countries and their healthcare systems. Pakistan was not spared from the disease. On 26th February 2020, the virus was confirmed to have reached Pakistan1. In Punjab the first case, who came from abroad was diagnosed on 15th March 20202 and later the numbers increased dramatically2. This article reflects the role of Mian Meer Hospital in pandemic. Mian Meer Hospital is a 130 bedded Tehsil Headquarter Hospital, under Primary and Secondary Healthcare, Punjab, located adjacent to Mian Meer Shrine in Lahore. Hospital includes all the major specialties to facilitate the local community. Although the world is in the 21st century, this pandemic has taught the medical system that we were not prepared for this colossal disease. Even though few major steps were taken, which will be discussed in this article, but we need to revise our medical health policies so that we can combat such kind of pandemic in future. Role of Hospital Administration There was not a single active case in Punjab, when the Medical Superintendent called an urgent meeting in the first week of March 2020, to discuss about the nightmare that we were about to experience. All the consultant, senior medical officers, nurses and in-charge of paramedical staff were involved in that meeting and it was decided that the admin will take unorthodox actions to fight against this approaching monster and will facilitate doctors, nurses and paramedical staff.

Amir Yousaf. (2021) Role of Mian Meer Hospital during the 1st wave of Covid – 19 pandemic, Isra Medical Journal, Volume 13, Issue 03.
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