The present study is aim to discuss the gender differences in recovery and Quality of life among schizophrenic patients of Asghar Psychiatric hospital Karachi. A sample of 70 patients including male (n=39) and female (n=31) was selected. Only patients with schizophrenia in recovery were selected in study purpose. Purposive sampling method was used to select the sample. All patients were screened using Demographic sheets, RAS-DS (Recovery Assessment scale- Domains and stages)and WHOQOL-BRIEF (WHO Quality of life Scale) to be administered to the sample. The result of the study indicated that significant differences of recovery score among male and female respondents were found. Female patients were higher scores of recovery with regards to all domains of RAS-DS and the males showed significantly better quality of life with regards to all domains: Physical health (88%), Psychological health (82%), Environment (89%) and Social relations (69%) than females.

Zill-e-Huma, Fakharul Huda Siddiqui. (2018) GENDER DIFFERENCES IN RECOVERY AND QUALITY OF LIFE AMONG SCHIZOPHRENIC PATIENTS IN KARACHI, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 57, Issue 1.
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