Advertising is a tool by which the audience who may be the viewers, readers or listeners are communicated and convinced to buy or taking any action regarding the products, or getting information about the services provided. The TV advertisements influence the consumers’ buying behaviour. The need of TV advertisement has increased with the fast growth of mobile phones industry in Pakistan. This paper investigates the relationship between independent variable of advertisement with dependent variables of consumer choice, consumer awareness, consumer perception, and consumer motivation by getting the responses of 250 respondents using questionnaires based on 5-point Likert scale from the graduating students of various faculties at University of Karachi. The main results of the study show a strong association between the independent and dependent variables. It is a fact that the brands which are advertised on TV are purchased more because people become emotionally attached with such brands or products. This study is very useful for producers, distributors, wholesalers and retailers as well engaged in mobile business in Pakistan.

Muhammad Siddique, Mariya Baig, Muhammad Abu Zar Wajidi. (2018) TELEVISION ADVERTISEMENTS MOTIVATE THE CONSUMERS OF MOBILE PHONES: AN OPINION FROM UNIVERSITY STUDENTS IN KARACHI, PAKISTAN, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 57, Issue 1.
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