Pakistan is a developing country and it has been showed remarkable development in many areas since its foundation in 1947. However, still some issues have not been handled properly, like poverty, corruption, load shedding, water crises etc. Apart from other issues, poverty is a big issue of the country and it can be observed more or less in every province. In this paper, we have analyzed the ground situation of district Ghotki, through surveys, which is considered last district of Sindh. We tried to find the problems of poor people of district Ghotki, observed their general life style, discussed their issues and inquired about government’s role to provide the people with basic necessities of life. In this paper, mainly qualitative method is adopted to reach to best conclusion. However, partially quantitative style could also be observed, especially where concepts of Microfinance are discussed. We realized that around 40% people of the district need microfinance services and they are ready to welcome Islamic Microfinance banks, because people don’t want to opt interest based conventional microfinance services, and secondly, conventional microfinance banks don’t have capacity to cover vast area of the district.

Syed Ghazanfar Ahmed, Hafiz Muhammad Ismile. (2018) ISLAMIC MICROFINANCE; DEMAND AND CHALLENGES: A CASE STUDY OF DISTRICT GHOTKI, SINDH, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 57, Issue 2.
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