The present research paper aims to find out the life patterns of urban beggars' demographic characteristics, socio-economic status and their involvement in criminal activities in Karachi city. A descriptive research design was employed and face to face interviews were conducted in this study. A sample of 140 street beggars, were selected from different public places using a convenience sampling technique. Both quantitative and qualitative methods were utilized for data collection. The key findings of the study show that criminal beggars are organized and have the well-kept house and work in routine as front-line professionals in the city. This study recommends that a comprehensive policy should be implemented to control the begging practice in the city. In this regards a proper advocacy campaign is needed for social mobilization at mass the level.

Sakina Riaz, Muhammad Abrar. (2018) SOCIO-ECONOMIC STATUS OF BEGGARS IN URBAN AREAS AND THEIR INVOLVEMENT IN CRIMES: A CASE STUDY OF KARACHI CITY, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 57, Issue 2.
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