China, a lofty nation of 5000 years of uninterrupted civilization, world’s second largest economy, a nation of huge land mass and vibrant 1.3 billion populations with permanent seat in United Nation’s Security Council is steadfast on the road of peaceful development. Despite foreign aggressions, humiliations and occupations, Chinese nation never demonstrated revengeful attitude and instead adopted a submissive and nonconfrontational approach to buy time for national cohesion, economic and infrastructure development and making the country stronger. The consistent and rapid industrialization has enabled China to maintain over 9% growth rate which brought rich dividends for China and is now termed as economic super power and world’s manufacturing industry. This all can be attributed to consistent pragmatic foreign policy and unique blend of relevant to all and friend of all with mutual accommodation and peaceful coexistence. Pakistan and China are termed as Iron Brothers, therefore, Pakistan can accrue many dividends from rising status of China. This research article critically examines evolution of China’s foreign policy and draws relevance for Pakistan with suggested course of actions to make more dynamic and pragmatic foreign policy. The views and analysis expressed in this article are author’s own.

Waseem Ishaque, Saima Sheikh. (2017) ANALYSIS OF CHINA’S FOREIGN POLICY OF BUILDING OF HARMONIOUS WORLD; RELEVANCE FOR PAKISTAN , Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 56, Issue 2.
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