The present study focuses on the word ‘Kun’ from Quran. In this paper, the discourse of Quran and the conceptual ayah of ‘Kun’ is discussed with reference to exegetical context, the perceptual theory of creation and the reality of the relentless evolution of ‘Kun’ and its possible hermeneutics. The recognition of the ‘intention’ of God has to be unveiled in order to understand the theory of ‘Kun’ and the idea of Creation. The three dimensional design of ‘Kun’ can be seen in the Quran as: the intention of ‘Kun’, when the creation exists in the intention of God; the imagination of God about ‘Kun’, which is the second stage and is related to the imaginable state of the ‘essence’ of ‘Kun’; the final stage refers to the ‘saying’ of ‘Kun’ by God, which unveils the intention of God. The relentless evolution is the reality that every time God says ‘Kun’, it discloses itself with unique creation. The relentless evolution in the perceptual theory of creation of ‘kun’ connects it with the theory of expansion of the cosmos and its evolution. The uniqueness of ‘Kun’ is unveiled in transcendence and immanence through the infinity Himself.

Muhammad Ajmal Khurshid, Fiza, Sana Hameed. (2017) THE DISCLOSURE OF ‘KUN’: THE RELENTLESS EVOLUTION IN THE PERCEPTUAL THEORY OF ‘KUN’, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 56, Issue 1 .
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