Shyness affects and influences the performance of the learners at school and college level. There are different correlates and reasons of shyness. Zimbardo states that Shyness is a vague concept which has many interpretations and definitions. One definition which is very renowned is that “The person, male or female, who is nervous, worried, and uncomfortable in the gathering or presence of others, is called shy”. The objectives of this research study were as: (1) to investigate the relationship of schooling system with shyness (2) to investigate the relationship of residential locality with shyness (3) to check relationship of Socio- Economic status with shyness (4) To rank the correlates of shyness. Overall 252 students from graduation of Indus group of Colleges from Rawalpindi and Islamabad were the population of the study and 42 students were selected through simple random sampling technique as a sample for the study. The researcher got the data with the help of personal visits to the colleges. Questionnaire for measuring shyness was used by the researcher for this research study1 . Another self developed questionnaire or instrument was used to know the correlates of shyness. Chisquare test of independence was used for data analysis. The results of the study showed that shyness depended upon these correlates of shyness as (1) residential locality (2) Schooling system (3) socio-economic status of the learners. Shyness depends upon above mentioned correlates. In order to remove this problem of shyness, some steps should be taken as learners or students may not be blamed or punished without any reason. Learners should be encouraged and motivated.

Saeed Anwar, Mumtaz Ali, Azadi Fateh Muhammad. (2016) CORRELATION OF SHYNESS WITH SCHOOLING, RESIDENTIAL LOCALITY AND SOCIO- ECONOMIC STATUS AT GRADUATION LEVEL IN PAKISTAN, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 55, issue 1.
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