Cancer, a terminal illness, has long been a focus of attention due to its fatal nature. Its diagnosis results in distress not only to the patients and physicians, but also the families and caregivers involved. This distress is of a multifaceted nature, including psychological, financial and physical distress. The present paper aims to explore mental health issues that specifically influence cancer patients’ caregivers. However, in a country like Pakistan literature is not very rich regarding the mentioned issue. Therefore, giving rise to the immense need to create awareness concerning this pressing issue. In this paper, an effort has been made to identify the types of mental health problems and variables which could potentially affect the mental health of a cancer patient caregiver. An analysis on the type of issues and associated determining variables reveals various patients’ variable, situational variable or the caregiver’s own personality which makes them susceptible to poor mental health. Furthermore, the paper tries to answer the different question regarding the prevalence rate, current status of, and awareness on the above mentioned aspect. In the end some possible recommendations have also been made in the context of the mental health issues regarding the caregivers of cancer patients discussed in the paper.

Anila Mukhtar, Anila Amber Malik, Ayesha Rasool. (2016) MENTAL HEALTH ISSUES IN CAREGIVERS OF CANCER PATIENTS, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 55, issue 1.
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