Comparative Rview of Different Opinion of Nujūm-ul-Furqān and Tadabbur-i-Qurʼān

The Holy Qurʼān is a comprehensive book that expresses everything in details. Anyhow, it needs to be interperated as Almighty Allah ordered us to prudence and research in Qurʼānic verses.The Qurʼān states: “Have they not contemplated the discourse.” That is why the Muslim scholars of every era kept proposing solutions to new problems in the light of various interperations of the Qurʼān. Among these interperations the Nujūm-ul-Furqān min Tafsīr ʼĀyātil-Qurʼān of ʻAllama ʻAbdul Razzaq Bhutrālwī and Tadabbur-i-Qurʼān of Amīn Aḥsan Iṣlāhī are two prominent interperations of Qurʼān. In this paper, the comparative review of the various phenomena is presented in both the interperatations, the significance of the limitations of both the interpreters are discussed. Some of the contrarary views of both interperaters includes the point of view about the Harūf-i-Muqattaʻāt, the location of Muqām-i-Ibrāhīm, the role of crow in burial of Hābīl, the obligation of Qasr Prayer and the fruits given to Hazrat Maryam was real or spiritual.

Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar , Dr. Hafiz Khursheed Ahmad Qadri. (2019) تفسیرنجوم الفرقان اور تدبرقران کی اختلافی مباحث کا تقابلی جایزہ, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 10, Issue 1.
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