The Basic Goals & Effects of the Creation of Divine Religion by Akbar Shah

The Indian subcontinent has seen many examples of the peaceful coexistence of the followers of different religions. One of the most striking performances of this approach was the period of Jalal u din Muhammad Akbar-Shah. His tolerance created a new divine religion (Dine Ellahi) that played a major role in creating peace and unity among Indians and the flowering of the moughal Empire. Discussing the elements of divine religion of Akbar Shah is a fundamental issue that requires a comprehensive review and an independent study. According to this article, the creation of Dine Ellahi was carried out by Akbar Shah with the guidance of some ministers, scholars and judges of the court, including Shiites and Sunnis, for various reasons, and this group played a major role in the spread of divine religion. The basic question of this research paper is how and why many Hindues, Muslim and many other followers of all religions accepted this religion and played their role in the progress of their country. This article evaluates the reality and the most fundamental elements of Dine Ellahi of Akbar Shah from the historical point of view.

Zulfqar Al. (2019) اکبرشاہ کے دین الہی کی تشکیل کے بنیادی اہداف اوراثرات, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 10, Issue 1.
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