Qaseeda Meemia of Farzudaq Tameemi - A study

Allama Usaid-ul-Haq Badayuni (1975-2014) was a great Islamic thinker, researcher and religious scholar. He wrote 14 Islamic books were on academic and research works. 17 books were arranged and prefaced by him۔ 12 books were translated and reviewed by him۔ 22 books were completed under his supervision. His book "Farzudaq Tameemi ka Qaseeda Meemia", is informative, literary and research full masterpiece opening of this book consists of its preface and informative speech regarding its Qaseeda Meemia. After this, introduction of Imam Zain ul Abideen (R۔A) with historical evidence is demonstrated. The different way of Qaseeda Meemia is analyzed and its punctuation is also brought to be acquainted. Regarding its reference, the opinions of ancient and letters are included۔ as academic reference, this book will always be remembered in history of Indo-Pak

Mazhar Hussain Bhadro , Dr. Muhammad Abid Nadeem. (2019) فرزدق تمیمی کا قصیدہ میمیہ_ایک مطالعہ, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 10, Issue 2.
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