Humanity , Economics and Environment

The book "Islam & Environment", compiled by Allama Abdullah Jawadi Amoli, is infact the demonstration of Islamic teachings upon the subject of "Environment". But the book also presents precious ideas regarding Islamic Anthropolgy, and Divine Economics. Along with combination of scattered ideas about divine anthropology and economics through out the book, this article also reconstructs and highlights the relationship between humanity, economy and environment from Islam's point of view. The article also interprets the philosophical ideas in an easy way for an ordinary reader to understand. Although no new facts have been discovered in this article, but it is a research paper on the criteria of new interpretation of the discovered facts

Dr. Sh. M. Hasnain. (2019) انسانیت، معیشیت اور ماحولیات, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 10, Issue 3.
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