Three inevitable realities instigate this study. Primarily, the goal of security in the region will most likely be accomplished just if as a minimum some level of cooperation is achieved between the major countries of the region. Second, Afghanistan cannot advance economically or enhance its security and administration independently without some cooperation from India and Pakistan. Third, although many strategists view the idea of Pak-India cooperation with distrust, there are many common grounds where both can gain considerable security, governance, and economic advantages. Most of the existing studies are focused on the assumptions that how peace in the region will come. First view is about involvement of USA and European countries (Western World) on one side and stake holders (Afghan Administration & Taliban) in Afghanistan on the other. Some believe in a trilateral pattern i.e. Western World, Afghan stake holders and Pakistan. Many also highlight the importance of support from neighboring countries like Iran, the Central Asian Republics (CARs), and China. This study highlights the significance of a trilateral (India, Pakistan and Afghanistan) solution in Afghanistan and the steps forward from this particular aspect. The possible answer to security dilemma of Pakistan in the context of Afghanistan is a solution within the region.

Syed Shuja uddin. (2016) THE ‘SECURITY DILEMMA’ OF PAKISTAN IN THE CONTEXT OF AFGHANISTAN: A REGIONAL TRILATERAL SOLUTION, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 55, Issue 2.
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