It is said that the major significant role is played by women in the development of society. However they suffer from numerous problems in our society. To solve these problems, there is no systematic strategy, by which the woman's problems can be solved. Some acts of violence against women or laws have been passed but unfortunately are not emphasized on implementing these rules while numerous welfare organizations are playing an important role in our society but despite this, the act of violence is increasing day by day because of which deterioration is created in society. Violence in any type causes serious and negative input on women's lives. Women's life does not only socially disturb and dissatisfy but also mental stress become a cause of various mental illnesses. Furthermore many women are facing persecution in a society. They tolerate worse circumstances due to future of their offspring as they are economically dependent on husband, therefore, they have to compromise their difficulties and troubles. Many women isolate the conjugal life due to violence by the husband or by the in-laws. Even then, these women are the victims of violence but they tolerate different complications and troubles in social life and they also bear the financial problems. Children are equally disturbed and in order to bring a change in their life mother has to financially struggle for the progeny. A mother must also be educated in these circumstances, as things can get worse if she’s not educated and the result is that she is dependent on others.

Summer Sultana, Rakhshanda Bano. (2016) OUTCOMES OF DISCRIMINATION VIOLATION ON WOMEN’S LIFE, Journal of Social Science and Humanities, Volume 55, Issue 2.
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