The Islamic Concept of GOD’s Mercy

The issue of Divine Mercy is an important issue of divine religions. While treating this issue Christian religious scholars claim that the The God in Christianity is merciful and that of Muslims’ otherwise. Muslims claim that their God’s mercy precedes His wrath. In this backdrop a need was felt to pen down a research-based article to explore the reality. This article is, historically speaking, based on a qualitative-analytical approach where libraries and original sources have been utilized. It concludes that the misconception that Divine Wrath precedes Divine Mercy in Islam has emanated from the lack of forgiveness, patience, and Islamic rationality in some Muslims, irrespective of the fact that Islam is a religion of mercy.

Dr. Qaiser Abbas Jafri. (2019) رحمت خداکا اسلامی تصور, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 10, Issue 2.
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