The Importance of Prayers and Recitation While Sufferings & Pandemic

Man is the noblest creature in the universe to whom Almighty Allah has provided all the material and spiritual resources to live. However, in this world, man is faced with diseases, difficulties and earthly and heavenly calamities alongside happiness, contentment and comfort. One of these disasters is the Corona Virus, a fatal pandemic of the age. In addition, man suffers from many other diseases too. But, as a Muslim we should never be disappointed as Almighty Allah has always kept the ways of salvation open for man. One of the most important ways of salvation is repentance and supplication to our God. In this article, the importance of prayer (Du'aa') has been explained in the light of Qur'an and Sunnah in a research style.

Dr. Ahmad Raza. (2020) مصائب اوروبائی صورتحال میں دعاء و اذکارکی اہمیت , Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 11, issue 4.
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