Discernment of Nasir Makarim in Tafseer Namoona (In Sorah AlNoor)

Nasir Makarim Sherazi’s tafseer is an important and educational extract in the Quranic field.Tafseer Namoona has its own relevance and rank amongst others.This tafseer concentrates on current fiqhi issues and give their solutions with strong sighns and it is also discussed social issues of the society. This tafseer has converted the difficult terms and words into easy way and elaborated Quranic verses with Hadith and old translations.This article examines the fiqhi style and qualities of Nasir Makarim Sherazi"especially study of Surah Noor" which are prominent factor of the tafseer

Muhammad Mudassar Shafique , Dr Muhammad Naheem Anwar Alzahri. (2019) سورہ النورمیں تفسیر نمونہ میں ناصر مکارم کافقہی طرزاستدلال, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 10, Issue 1.
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