The Quranic Concept of “Ummat-E-Wahida”

An attempt has been made in this article to show what is meant by the Quranic concept of “Ummat-e-Wahida”? In fact, there is no scholarly consensus with regard to the concept. Some scholars have taken it as a reference to human unity as against those who have seen it as an alternative term for Muslim community. Some others have defined it as a religion. The author has presented views of different exegetists regarding the term. The quranic terms of “ummat-e-Wahida” and “ummat-e-Wasat” have been also taken into account to see whether they refer to a single reality or different distinct realities. For the author, all the phrases in the Quran containing the term ummah refer to a single reality. Different practical ways of unity among Muslims have been also debated in this article. State and religious leadership may play crucial role in creating unity.

Asghar Askari. (2019) امت واحد کا قرانی تصور, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 10, Issue 1.
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