Ideological Bases of Establishing the Islamic Government (in the view of Imam Khomeini & Allama Mawdudi)

Imam Khomeini and Allama Mawdudi are agreed that monotheism, prophethood, the permanence of Islam and its comprehensiveness are essential ideological bases for the establishment of an Islamic government according to the Holly Qur'an and Sunnah. Anyhow, according to the author, Imam Khomeini considers Imamate and Wilayat-e-Faqih (in the absence of infallible Imam) as the furthure theoritical foundations for the formation of the Islamic government. But, Allama Mawdudi considers the Khilafah of the majority (khilafat-e jamhūr) as the basis of Islamic government. This article presents the views of both thinkers in a descriptive-analytical manner and provides an analytical-critical overview of their arguments.

Syed Bahadur Ali Zaidi. (2020) اسلامی حکومت کی تشکیل کی نظریاتی بنیادیں (امام خمینیؒ اور علامہ مودودیؒ کی نظر میں), Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 11, issue 4.
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