The Social, Literary and Cultural Spirituality of Sufism

The credit for the spread of Islam in the Indo-Pakistan subcontinent goes undoubtedly to those Sufis (saints) who, following the approach of the Prophet, delivered their message without any discrimination to every school of thought in an excellent and affective way. Their message of love to those who were oppressed in a race-based social system proved to be a breath of fresh air, and people from all social strata welcomed them whole-heartedly, embracing their teachings. Today, when religious narrow-mindedness and racial hatred are once again on the rise, humanity desperately needs to adopt Sufi ideology. In this article the social and cultural values of the Sufi system are highlighted in the context of the tragedy of the present age. Key Words: Message of Love, Values, Humanity, Racism, Sufism.

Irshad Ahmad. (2020) تصوّف کی سماجی،ادبی اورتہذیبی معنویت, Noor-e-Marfat, Volume 11, issue 4.
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